abbreviation, distance, language anxiety, SMS, style

دانلود محصول Abbreviated vs. Non-abbreviated SMS: From Advertisement to Language Learning با کد فروش ۱۹۷۱۱۲۵

The current study aimed to investigate whether application of abbreviations in didactic SMS plays any role in promoting students’ performance in learning English as a foreign language through reducing distance and language anxiety. Parallel with examining elliptical features and abbreviations in creating SMS ads for addressing their special customers around the world with informal style, to borrow some of the features for the compass of language teaching, 120 participants in two groups at Isfahan university of technology were presented with the same type of content (i.e., English grammar notes). They used directions with different lexemes and grammars. فرمت فایل: پی دی اف تعداد صفحات: ۱۱ …

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