Yearbook of Anesthesiology 6 1st Edition 2017

دانلود محصول Yearbook of Anesthesiology-6 1st Edition. 2017 با کد فروش ۱۹۷۲۱۷۱

Yearbook of Anesthesiology-6 is an up-to-date guide to the latest advances in anaesthesiology practice. Comprising 24 chapters covering all three specialties associated with anaesthesiology – anaesthesia, pain and intensive care – this book presents the most recent information in the field, in a concise and highly illustrated format. The book covers the complete field from techniques and post surgical recovery, to pharmacology, non technical skills and medicolegal issues. Neurological complications and the management of patients with specific associated disorders (maxillofacial or brain trauma, anaphylaxis etc), are discussed in depth. A complete chapter is dedicated to biomarkers in anaesthesiology and the final section of the book – Journal Scan – presents commentary by experts on a selection of articles published in respected journals in the past year. Key Points Presents latest advances in the field of anaesthesiology In depth coverage of the three subspecialty areas within the fie …

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